Heros Unite

Jorney to the Maze

After meeting with the Gold Dragon, we took the key(a dragon scale) that he gave us and began our journey to the maze of mazes, which would take us back through Stonebridge. Along the way we fought and defeated some kind of animated statue guardian at a small building. When we approached Stonebridge, we saw an orange-red glow coming from the city. When we arrived, we discovered someone had found a way to duplicate the liquid that makes those strange bugs glow in the dark. Later we left the city and continued our journey to maze. At one point along the way we were ambushed by a tribe of dark skinned humans, and forced to fight in a gladitorial match. After we defeated the creatures in the arena, we were immediately sent on our way with no explanation(also we couldn’t understand their language). After they released us, we continued our journey to the MAZE OF MAZES.

Catch Up Post

Behind a few sessions. Here are the important bits.
-Got the Hobgoblins in board for the embassy in Stonebridge
-Found a kink in the Necromancer’s defence
-Have to get the key from a Gold Dragon
-Dragon’s terms are to use the key only for ourselves, Kill the 6 legged creature for the helmet it wears, return to him before we return to civilization.
-We must journey into the Maze and find the Unicorn Blade, and the Dragon’s treasure before returning.

Some info

Info from Jays site is also doubled up here, just for ease of reference. (Under Items)

Session 5

Fools Day was too much for Erik and Liat to pass up. The successfully put itching powder in MOST of the rest of the Guild. Laughs were mostly shared, and spirits lifted. Of Course Zia and Elisa had to get back at them with a banging of pans in the middle of them night. We are informed that in a day we will be escorting the Elven amdassador into Stonebridge. In the meantime we help out a local farmer with his bat problem, while simaltaneously get bats for the royal zoo. A good day all around.

Oh, and Bedbug webbed Sylar to his bed for 15 minutes.

Session 4

We are summoned before the remainder of the Hero’s Guild. Each of us is questioned by the remaining leadership, and some of us stay in the room longer than others. A multitude of options are set out to rebuild the Guild, both in man power and esteem. We take several days of guarding the new wing of displays for the Royal family. When we are brought back to the Guild Elrik Hammerstone informs the group that they will escort Prince Harry to the Elven Homeland to ask them to join the embassy at Stonebridge. It is hoped that this embassy will unite the races and serve to ease any tensions between them. Liat throughly enjoys the ride as the group takes trained griffons the the floating island that serves as the Elven home. We are greeted by the splendor of the Elves, and treated as honored guests. Though some of the group would like to stay and learn more, soon it is time to return.

Session 3

(Ok, so it’s a little behind schedule)

We return to stonebridge with Ponkas’s neice in tow. She needs to be back in time to sing at the festival of life. Again Liat’s meager tracking skills are enough to keep us mostly on track, and outside of an encounter or two make it back to Stonebridge without trouble. We enjoy the festival, where Ponkas’s neice enthralls the entire attendance with her voice. It is the next day that we are summoned back to the Hero’s Guild and informed we will leave in the morning to take on the Necromancer.

Session 2

We continue our travels in search of the kidnapped niece of Ponkas, future princess. Liat’s meager skill in tracking is enough to keep the group mostly on the right track. We encounter a group of Fire beetles, and though the group was curious about many things about them, we decide that we cannot tarry and continue on. Very early the next morning the group is ambushed by the “Red Boar of Destiny” a particularly crazed beast that was able work over the party enough that we barely survived. (Liat 3 HP, Sylar 1 HP, Erik 1 HP) Only fours hours behind schedule the group manages to find the tower holding Ponkas niece, guarded by two bog guardians. Though not able to communicate with the frog beings, their intent was clear and battle was joined. Erik, having never picked up a bow before his heros guild training manages the first hit with his shortbow while Liat is incredulous that he missed the all important surprise strike. We hear beautiful singing from the tower and believe it is Ponkas’ niece. We finish the session having dispatched the frog hoppers.

Other notables of the session: Sylar had the only nightly encounters on his watch. The first being he claimed a halfling wizard wandered into camp and cast a sleep spell on him and that’s why he was asleep on watch. The second a beautiful fey creature came into camp and healed everyone only to Slyar’s knowledge. Another being that seems to be headed to Stonebridge while we are all on our way away from it.

Story so far...

Each of us was recruited by the Man with no Name. Why did we trust him? He’s a hero after all! Ok, so he’ll get a name, we just don’t have one yet. In our aptitude test we each discovered our own inner strengths and what career path we should take. Shaun’s elf, who scored well in dexterity became a warrior. Chad who scored well in strength and charisma became a sorcerer. Ben who scored above average across the board chose to be a rogue. We spend a little time with the trainers and acquire some gear. We learn that the Hero’s Guild has a network of tunnels throughout the city, thus adding to their reputation. It is after two weeks of training we recieve word that we are to report for our first assignment.


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