Heros Unite

Jorney to the Maze

After meeting with the Gold Dragon, we took the key(a dragon scale) that he gave us and began our journey to the maze of mazes, which would take us back through Stonebridge. Along the way we fought and defeated some kind of animated statue guardian at a small building. When we approached Stonebridge, we saw an orange-red glow coming from the city. When we arrived, we discovered someone had found a way to duplicate the liquid that makes those strange bugs glow in the dark. Later we left the city and continued our journey to maze. At one point along the way we were ambushed by a tribe of dark skinned humans, and forced to fight in a gladitorial match. After we defeated the creatures in the arena, we were immediately sent on our way with no explanation(also we couldn’t understand their language). After they released us, we continued our journey to the MAZE OF MAZES.



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