Heros Unite

Session 2

We continue our travels in search of the kidnapped niece of Ponkas, future princess. Liat’s meager skill in tracking is enough to keep the group mostly on the right track. We encounter a group of Fire beetles, and though the group was curious about many things about them, we decide that we cannot tarry and continue on. Very early the next morning the group is ambushed by the “Red Boar of Destiny” a particularly crazed beast that was able work over the party enough that we barely survived. (Liat 3 HP, Sylar 1 HP, Erik 1 HP) Only fours hours behind schedule the group manages to find the tower holding Ponkas niece, guarded by two bog guardians. Though not able to communicate with the frog beings, their intent was clear and battle was joined. Erik, having never picked up a bow before his heros guild training manages the first hit with his shortbow while Liat is incredulous that he missed the all important surprise strike. We hear beautiful singing from the tower and believe it is Ponkas’ niece. We finish the session having dispatched the frog hoppers.

Other notables of the session: Sylar had the only nightly encounters on his watch. The first being he claimed a halfling wizard wandered into camp and cast a sleep spell on him and that’s why he was asleep on watch. The second a beautiful fey creature came into camp and healed everyone only to Slyar’s knowledge. Another being that seems to be headed to Stonebridge while we are all on our way away from it.



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