Festivals and Holidays


January 3 – Sleep Festival – Starting the new year tired was considered a bad omen. Because of that a festival of sleep was established. The bazaar will fill up with vendors selling sleep aids, blankets, ointments. Low level spell casters will even cast sleep on you for a price.

January 12 – Feast of Wild Men – A day were the men go out into the wild, hunt some game and bring it back to the feast of wild men. The bazaar is converted to a big cooking fire were you can roast you kill and share with others. Of course this festival is less about the wild food and more about the size of the kill and the size of the horns.

January 15 – Hat Day – If it is unusal it is probably found on someones head during hat day. The bazaar becomes that hat salesman capital for the day. You can find just about anything that will sit on your head. From live animals to exotic furs, to standard wear.

February 2 – Groundhogs Day – Groundhogs come out of hybernation and depending on how long they stay out determines how long winter has left. Or at least that is the way of the ancients. The bazaar is filled with spectators that come to see what the groundhog predicts for the weather.

February 14 – Lovers Day – Best not forget about your lover on this day or you best not come home. Bazaar is filled with vendors that have the perfect something for you loved ones.

February 21 – Gypsy Day – Gypsys come to town to petal there wears, tell your fortune, and cook some food. The bazaar is filled to the brim with all things gypsy.

February 27 – Polar Bear Plunge – Test your endurance and your willpower by jumping into fridid waters. Many of the bigger cities celebrate this day and most of the small cities flock to watch the spectacle.

March 1 – Pigs Day – If you like swine this is your day. If it comes from a big it is celebrated this day. The bazaar is filled with people selling products related to pigs.

March 17 – Festival of Life – A festival to celebrate to coming of spring and the regrowth of plants, trees, and crops. The festival of life is an ancient holiday though in todays times it is more about drinking and having a good time. The bazaar is filled with people celebrating the day, drinking, and sharing of food. Live performances start about midday and continue to late into the night.

March 18 – Sacrafice Day – much like the festival of light sacrafice day is all about spring and new life. In ancient days it was believed that for new life to spring up in the spring a living sacrifice had to be made. There are still some people that uphold the tradition by sacrificing a goat or a chicken. It is rumored that some extreme societies exhist that still sacrifice a humonoid on this day. Most people today only sacrifice something small such as not drinking beer or eating for a day.

April 1 – Fools Day – The tricksters come out to play this day. Watch your self as someone just might be tricking you on this day.

April 18 – Jugglers Day – The bazaar is filled with people that juggle all kinds of things, even give lessons. (dm note – anyone bying lessons gets a 1 in perform – juggling each year).

April 27 – Tell a story day – The bazaar stage is setup and people can sign up to tell stories throughout the day. Stories start out early in the day for children and as the day goes on becomes more and more adult related. Some of the stories are told through puppets, plays, dancing, music, or just simple recital. Many of the stories have been passed from generation to generation and have become staples of the day. (dm note – print out a few short stories that can be handed out).

May 2 – Fire Festival – A huge bonfire is started in the Bazaar. The night includes dancing and drinking.

May 19 – Frog jumping day – A contest to see who can raise a frog that jumps the farthest and also in frog jumping races.

May 30 – memorial Day – A day of rememberance for all those that was lost. People come to the bazaar to place something of memory in remembrance of a loved one that has been lost. A ceramony takes place in late afternoon, followed by drinking and eating.

June 1 – Dare Day – A day were you dare someone to do something. Just be careful what you dare someone because you might be next. If you give a dare you have to except a dare. The bazaar is filled with people doing dares and stunts. Many will except any dare for the right price.

June 23 – King’s Day – a day to celebrate all kinds past and present. Orginally this was the birth of King James and started with the celebration of his birthday. Upon his death the day was still celebrated and has now become a pretty big event. The king now puts on the celebration in the bazaar and has his own personal chiefs prepare food and drink for all that come.

June 30 – Meteor Day – This night is the best night of the year to view meteors in the sky. Because of this event many believe this day to be a bad omen or create bad luck. With that many adventures will not travel, gambal, or do anything that is risk taking.

July 14 – Summer Festival – A huge festival that includes a parade, dancing, fireworks, live performances, farmers market, lots of drinking and eating. People come from miles around to enjoy this festial.

August 1 – Friendship Day – This day is all about making friends. If you are not a social butterfly stay away from the bars as people will be friendly. Anyone causing a fight that day will be sentenced to 7 days in the city dungeon.

August 3 – Watermelon Day – The bazaar is filled with people selling watermelons. Watermelon eating contest also takes place.

August 7 – Sea Serpent Day – In ancient times it was said that on this day a great sea monster would wake from his slumber and devour whole cities even those not near the sea. There are no records of the sea monster actually doing this but non the less the day must be celebrated. Ancient legend states that any city not wanting to be devoured must bang on drums thoughout the night. The sea serpent does not like the noise or the vibrations and stays away. All day a parade of people dressed up as serpents travel through town. As the day turns to night the drums begin to be banged. It has never been made into a contest but those that make it until sunrise will brag about it for the next year if not for the rest of there life.

August 18 – Beer Feast – The bazaar is filled with people selling there brews as the greatest brewers of the land bring there beer to town. This festival usually gets pretty rowdy.

September 2 – Beheading Day – This is the day that all criminals that have been sentenced for beheading are actually beheaded. The criminal is brought though the crowd were it he/she is pelted with insults, spit, and rotten fruit. They are then placed on the stand and the charges are read out loud. They are given one last wish of being able to pick how they are beheaded.

September 5 – Labor Day – A day were everyone takes a day off from the hard work they have put in during the summer and sit back and enjoy the day. Granted the bartenders, servers, and security force don’t get to enjoy the day but for the most part everone else does.

September 17 – Apple Festival – If it can be made out of apple then it can be found in the bazaar. From pies, to cider, to artwork. Includes dunking for apples, apple eating contest, and best apple of the year contest.

October 1 – Vegetarians Day – This is a new festival. The bazaar is filled with people that refuse to eat meat.

October 13 – Harvest Festival – This is an end of the growing year festival that sees the farmers, herders, and the such celebrating the end of the growing year. The bazzar is filled with all kinds of food, live music, and plenty of drink.

October 31 – All Hallows Eve – A night were everone dresses up and tavern hops.

November 4 – Waiting for the Barbarians Day – This is one of the few holidays that is not celebrated in the major cities but is celebrated in the small towns. In ancient days a small village was in the path of a barbarian raiding party to ransack there village. As they waited for them to approach a small boy that was orphaned in one of there raids offered himself to the party in exchange for not raiding the village. The chief excepted his offer and took him as his own. He eventually became king and ended the raiding. The celebrations usually have young men wrestle each other so show there strenght and that they have arrived at man hood. Younger children also take part in contests to show that they are as fearless as the boy in the legend.

November 24 – Thanksgiving

November 29 – Barn Dance – If you have a barn you probably have a dance going on it that day.

December 1 – Pie Festival – Tents are put up in the bazaar that hosts a pie making contest, pie eating contest, or you can just show up to by a pie.

December 10 – Festival of Souls – This is also known as the day of the dead. This is the day that the dead haunt the lands more than normal. The legend is more specific that if you killed someone unjustily then they will torment you to no end during this day. The bazaar is filled with people selling items that will protect you from the dead as well as curing you of any curses that have been put on you by the dead.

December 31 – New Years Eve – A celebration for the end of the year.


Festivals and Holidays

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