Royal Museum


1. Great hall, the history of the bloodline from the crowing of King James to current day. This is depicted by pictures and plaques explaining each reign.

2. Royal artwork, great works of art that have been painted over the years that represent the times that each King held the crown.

3. Royal trophies, collections of animals that have been killed by the kings. This includes a great dragon that was killed by King James that lead to him taking the thrown, as well as other oddities such as a two headed bear.

4. Royal Armor and weapons Hall, each King shortly after taking the crown is fitted with a set of Royal Armor. This hall has on display all the armor worn by the Kings over the years. Along with each armor is the King’s weapon of choice that he weilded during his reign. The current kings armor and weapon stay with them until death.

5. Royal Jewels, mostly a collections of jewels that queens have worn over the years. The current queen can request to wear any of the jewels that are on display so often times a piece or two may be missing.

6. Hall of Artifacts. This currently is being devloped.

Wanted for the museum:
Legendary Artifacts as they are found.
Guards needed to protect the collection both during hours of operation and during the night, need 7 guards during operation and 2 during the closed hours.
9 Lantern Archons Requited to act as both gurads and light source.


Royal Museum

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