Heros Unite

Session 4

We are summoned before the remainder of the Hero’s Guild. Each of us is questioned by the remaining leadership, and some of us stay in the room longer than others. A multitude of options are set out to rebuild the Guild, both in man power and esteem. We take several days of guarding the new wing of displays for the Royal family. When we are brought back to the Guild Elrik Hammerstone informs the group that they will escort Prince Harry to the Elven Homeland to ask them to join the embassy at Stonebridge. It is hoped that this embassy will unite the races and serve to ease any tensions between them. Liat throughly enjoys the ride as the group takes trained griffons the the floating island that serves as the Elven home. We are greeted by the splendor of the Elves, and treated as honored guests. Though some of the group would like to stay and learn more, soon it is time to return.



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